Our ZEM-CWI Wi-Fi Smart Door Controller for Access control is the complete solution to control electric locking devices (Automatic Door Openers, Maglocks, Electric strikes, drop bolts, ETC) remotely using your computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access. Using our web app and mobile app OpenSee you can controlled devices installed in gates, main doors, side doors and another type of doors.

You can also use the ZEM-CWI Wi-Fi Smart Door Controller to control other electrical equipment that will be controlled remotely via WIFI.

Below you will find a range of products that can be connected and control by the ZEM-CWI Door Controller. We can help you finding the right combination of devices to protect the doors of your home, office, store or business. Contact us today to get technical support and a quote for these products.

Electromagnetic Locks

WIFI Controller for doors access control

An electromagnetic lock, also known as maglock, is a magnet device that works with a power source and is used in access control systems. Because the mating area of the electromagnet and armature is relatively large, the force created by the magnetic flux is strong enough to keep the door locked even under stress. Typical single door electromagnetic locks are offered from 120lbs up to 2700 lbs on average.

There are maglocks for indoor and outdoor use, the latter are built to resist harsh weather conditions. Typically the electromagnet portion of the lock is attached to the door frame and a mating armature plate is attached to the door.

Electric Strikes and Electric Drop Bolts

An electric strike is similar to a fixed strike, the difference is that the electric strike is energized and its ramped surface can, upon command, pivot out of the way when the lock on the door is in the locked position and the door is opened, allowing a user to open the door without operating the mechanical lock or using a mechanical key.

An electric strike is installed within the door frame and uses a latch function to secure the door. It also have two possible combinations:

Fail-secure: The electric strike will be unlock if it receives electric current and the strike would remain locked in a power failure.
Fail-safe: In this case when electric current is apply to the electric strike, it will cause it to lock. If there is a power failure, the door opens merely by being pushed or pulled.

Control with smartphone your door Electric Strike

Automatic Door Openers

automatic door opener

An automatic door opener is a system that could be used for swing doors as well sliding doors and is an electronic and/or pneumatic device that can be installed on the existing doors for home, healthcare center, hotel or office. These systems are useful for commercial use when you want to provide convenience to your customers if they have bags or using a wheelcheer, with a push button they can easily open the door and they don’t need to hold it so it remains open.

Also an automatic door opener can be connected to an access control panel so you can control it using a software or mobile app.

Access Control Panels

The main advantage of access controllers is to allow access to authorized persons while restricting access to those who are unauthorized. This normally happens in both interior and exterior doors as well as certain areas of a building. It is simple when done from a computer, and now with Zemgo’s ZEM-CWI Wi-Fi controller is easier because you can also use your smartphone or tablet, giving you more freedom to managed your access control system.

The ZEM-CWI is compatible with multiple panels and brands but only if you connect it as an exit button.

ZEM-CWI is compatible with multiple panels and brands