Below are the most frequent questions you could have when using or when setting up our products.

Question What are the unsent events?
AnswerEvents that are in the buffer and waiting to be reported to platform.
Question What is the Event log memory?
AnswerEvents that happened and are saved to internal device history log.
Question Do I need to set the network parameters manually?
AnswerThe network parameters settings manually is not needed, thanks to the WiFi network setting parameters are being made automatically during pairing mode and adding the system via WiFi option.
Question What is the difference between transferring the system and add new user?
AnswerTransferring the system – you give the system to another user and lose access to this system. Add new user – you and another person will control system.
Question Internal clock of the ZEM-CWI is not set where do you set it?
AnswerScheduler is being hold directly in the device. Device must know what exact time is – without correct time scheduler will not work or it will operate at different time than needed.
Question What is the difference between service restore and restore?
AnswerSERVICE RESTORE: Events as a low battery, AC loss, etc. enter the group “SERVICE”. So, these events need RESTORE. That’s why you have SERVICE RESTORE. All events that do not have a given reaction belong to the group of generic events. And the all restore for this group are named “Restore”.
Question What is the service access code and why does it have simple numbers?
AnswerThis code is necessary for Hardware to communicate with the OPENSEE application.

123456: factory default code. You can change this code if you wish during configuration from TConfig. But if you are going to change in TConfig and when you create the system in the application – OPENSEE will ask for this access code. If you forget it, you will not be able to enter the system.

Question How many ZEM-CWI can I add up on one device?
Answer13 devices up to 65 doors.
Question What does system offline and online notification mean?
AnswerSystem offline (Red): Device is not sending data to the server either is not getting power to power or not disconnected from the server.

System online (Green): System is powered on and correctly connected to the WiFi.

Question Why it takes too long for the new devices to show up on the system?
AnswerWhen you add new devices (doors) they are not showing on the System right away it takes like 5 mins to show, this is very slow and it was not happening before. The web browser doesn’t show the doors added by the Opensee app – It may be so because CWI must communicate with your device, and everything will depend on WIFI and Internet speed. The information should go to our server. It is not just about including during something on app, during this time many different processes happen and this does take time.
Question If the WiFi goes away what happens to the system on the door, will it stay locked or unlocked?
AnswerIt will be locked as long as the device is getting 12VDC from the power supply.
Question How can I have the system locked if power goes out?
AnswerAny 12VDC UPS battery backup is compatible with the ZEM-CWI smart controller.